We are in the process of envisioning a new form of institution in Weimar. Conceived as a platform for imagining and realising new cultural practices and forms of social engagement, the Other Music Academy [OMA] is to be guided by a critical, positive understanding of difference and diversity. Its goal is to increase individual and social empowerment through interdisciplinary projects which directly engage the participation of the widest possible variety of social groups. Differences in age, gender, culture, education and religion and more are to be validated as meaning-giving rather than conflict-generating and as essential for individual and social creativity, empowerment and well-being. By combining artistic and scientific practices, the projects that generate this meeting-ground create a space in which normal boundaries between education, work and play are challenged. The development of the OMA is being supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

Just like the OMA, our website is in the process of development. Below are the links to our current major projects Yiddish Summer Weimar and the OMA improvisation project, as well as the other music association.

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Funded by the Fonds Neue Länder of the German Federal Cultural Foundation