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Alan Bern Present-Time Composition

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Bern & Moguilevsky Duo

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Read more about the OMA Improvisation Project’s approach to improvisation:
To improvise music, to create music spontaneously, is not a trick or something exotic, but a fundamental understanding and ability that inform the way one hears, interprets and creates any kind of music. There are many approaches to music improvisation. Some of them teach improvisation as a "technique" using harmonic, melodic and rhythmic formulas, often at the sacrifice of creativity. Others emphasize creativity and freedom, but often at the expense of basic musical skills.

In the OMA Improvisation Project, participants work directly with inspiring artist-educators who have developed their own, original approaches to music improvisation that emphasize both sides - creativity and musical fundamentals. For classical musicians, this workshop can change how you understand written music. For jazz, folk, pop and other improvising musicians, this workshop can help you develop your own individual style and sound and open your ears to another level of musical communication.

What is PTC?
Alan Bern is the creator of Present-Time Composition, a musical and educational approach informed by cognitive science that integrates the methods of improvisation and composition. The fundamental principle of PTC is that highly complex musical decisions, normally thought to be the domain of composition, can be improvised in real time and communicated within a group, to produce a collectively improvised composition that is aesthetically comparable with music composed traditionally by individuals. This involves extensive training with step-by-step exercises that teach the musician how to reduce increasingly complex musical perceptions to apparently simple and immediate impulses. Currently, Bern is in the process of developing a certification program for PTC.

Workshop improvisation @ Berlin Exploratorium April 23-27, 2019

If you haven't already registered, you can request that your name be placed on a waiting list. In case of cancellations, we will offer places in the workshop to people on the waiting list in the order we received their request.

Present-Time Composition (PTC) + Voice/Body/Awareness
With Alan Bern (D/US), Nicolaas Cottenie (B), Isabelle Marx (F)

The Weimar-based OMA Improvisation Project returns to the Berlin Exploratorium for a five-day, intensive workshop on Alan Bern’s Present-Time Composition (PTC) and Isabelle Marx’s Voice/Body/Awareness work.

PTC is a powerful approach to creating music spontaneously, bridging improvisation and composition. Since 2006, PTC has transformed how people hear, understand and make music at universities, conservatories and institutes throughout Europe and the USA. Its creator, Alan Bern, will be assisted by Nicolaas Cottenie, who teaches PTC at the Antwerp Conservatory. Proficient musicians with no prior PTC experience are welcome, as well as those who already have PTC experience.

Isabelle Marx is a vocal performer and teacher whose work explores the deep connections between the voice, the body, awareness of self and others, and communication. Her background includes Estill training, Feldenkrais, Roy Hart and Martina Catella.

The atmosphere of this workshop is open, relaxed and supportive and at the same time intense and challenging. It is aimed at instrumentalists and vocalists with intermediate through advanced technique, and with moderate through extensive experience with music improvisation. The workshop will be taught in English. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide translations if necessary (German, French), but there is no guarantee that each teaching session will be translated into all languages spoken by all participants.

Alan Bern (D/US): PTC
Nicolaas Cottenie (B): PTC
Isabelle Marx (F): Voice/Body/Awareness

Registration and more information:
Fee 300 / 350 Euro | Registration until 1st February, 2019: 250 Euro
Registration deadline: March 15, 2019
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For all informations and questions please contact vivien.zeller at othermusic.eu