Alan Bern
Alan Bern is an American composer, pianist, accordionist, educator and cultural activist, based in Berlin since 1987. He is the founding artistic director of Yiddish Summer Weimar and the Other Music Academy (OMA). He is internationally recognized for his contributions to the research, dissemination and creative renewal of Jewish music with Brave Old World, The Other Europeans and the Semer Ensemble, among others. He is the creator of Present-Time Composition, a musical and educational approach informed by cognitive science that integrates the methods of improvisation and composition.


Photo: Andreas Welskop

Nicolaas Cottenie
Nicolaas Cottenie is a violin player, composer and researcher. In the past few years he has been working in the University of Leuven and at the Antwerp Conservatory to research embodied cognition, Alan Bern’s Present Time Composition and how those two can be used in modern higher music education.
Apart from research work, he performs as a violin player, playing mostly his own music and traditional klezmer music. At the moment, his active projects are No Words, a silent film program for children; Azind, a traditional klezmer duo, and Halva, a klezmer band.


Photo: Manu Miethe

Isabelle Marx (singer and vocal trainer)
After many years of stage performance, Isabelle realised that many singers do not really know a great deal about their instrument. She therefore set off to find teachers who could describe precisely the way voice functions. For many years now, Isabelle has been researching and exploring the creative possibilities of all sorts of different vocal techniques from around the world. She has worked with some very different teachers and methods: Roy Hart Theatre, Feldenkrais, ethnomusicologist Martina Catella...
With Tom Burke (New York), Anne Marie Speed and Paul Farrington, she trained in the Estill Method, and obtained her diploma in 2010. Participants of past OMA Improvisation Workshops are passionate advocates of her work, which integrates the awareness of the body, the voice, emotion and communication.


Photo: Emmanuel Guingand

Workshop improvisation @ Berlin Exploratorium April 23-27, 2019