Moguilevsky Solo‬

Alan Bern Present-Time Composition

Isabelle Marx Solo‬

Bern & Moguilevsky Duo

Winter Edition 2013 Orchestra Improv‬


Read more about the OMA Improvisation Project’s approach to improvisation:
To improvise music, to create music spontaneously, is not a trick or something exotic, but a fundamental understanding and ability that inform the way one hears, interprets and creates any kind of music. There are many approaches to music improvisation. Some of them teach improvisation as a "technique" using harmonic, melodic and rhythmic formulas, often at the sacrifice of creativity. Others emphasize creativity and freedom, but often at the expense of basic musical skills.

In the OMA Improvisation Project, participants work directly with inspiring artist-educators who have developed their own, original approaches to music improvisation that emphasize both sides - creativity and musical fundamentals. For classical musicians, this workshop can change how you understand written music. For jazz, folk, pop and other improvising musicians, this workshop can help you develop your own individual style and sound and open your ears to another level of musical communication.

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Workshop improvisation October 14-19, 2017

The OMA Improvisation Project returns in 2017 to Other Music Academy in Weimar
Created and directed by Alan Bern, the OMA Improvisation Project explores improvisation in music, dance, storytelling and other arts through workshops led by artists developing innovative practices and theories. A central goal is to bring together traditional improvisation practices with insights from new methods such as Feldenkrais, Alexander, Estill and cognitive science. To this end, workshops are led by teams of teachers with complementary skills and backgrounds.

This workshop, taking place in Weimar, will be led by two of the finest improvising musicians in the world, Argentinians Marcelo Moguilevsky and Cesar Lerner. Over decades of close musical collaboration, Moguilevsky and Lerner have created a unique language of musical improvisation and communication that is astounding to audiences and fellow musicians alike.

A rare chance to study intensively with two master musicians  who have changed the face of music improvisation. With roots in tango, jazz, theater and film music, New Jewish Music and more, the music of Lerner & Moguilevsky is a tour de force of melodic and rhythmic variation and nuance and simply incredible musical communication. Join musicians from around the world for six days that may well change the way you make music forever.

Since 2007, the OMA Improvisation Project has pushed the boundaries music improvisation in workshops led by visionary artists. After two years as guests of the Berlin Exploratorium, we return in 2017 to our home base in Weimar at the Other Music Academy.
This workshop will include drum circles as a setting for developing polyrhythmic ability, as well focusing on more awareness and control of musical parameters in solo and group improvisation and composition. Marcelo will continue his work with us on conducted improvisation, using approximately 50 hand signs to trigger new ideas, structures, feelings and possibilities for music improvisation.

A presentation on the last day will share the work with the public.

The atmosphere of this workshop is open, relaxed and supportive and at the same time intense and challenging. It is aimed at instrumentalists and vocalists with intermediate through advanced technique, and with moderate through extensive experience with music improvisation. The workshop will be taught in English. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide translations if necessary (German, French, Spanish), but there is no guarantee that each teaching session will be translated into all languages spoken by all participants.

Marcelo Moguilevsky (ARG): Conducted Orchestral Improvisation, Small Ensembles
Cesar Lerner (ARG): Drum Circle (spiritual and physica training)

There will be a concert by Duo Lerner/Moguilevsky at Saturday October 14th.

Registration and more information:
Fee 350 / 400 Euro | Registration until 15th July, 2017: 300 Euro
Registration deadline: October 1, 2017
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